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MT Plumbing are the Strata professionals with over 25 Strata Management firms in Sydney using MT Plumbing for their emergency, maintenance, remedial and insurance plumbing.

As strata plumbing experts, we understand the needs and requirements of strata management companies, building managers, owners and tenants.

We value our relationship with Strata Managers and our Operations team are always on hand to respond to the plumbing needs of strata and property managers.

We have learned that many owners committees, building managers and strata firms, while not 100% satisfied with their current contractors, will continue to use them due to concerns of losing intimate knowledge of the building.

In addition, we have found that owners committee can be reluctant to try a new service provider, thinking that a new service provider’s perceived lack of knowledge, may prove costly for the committee.

MT Plumbing offers a solution to strata managers and building managers:

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