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Established and trusted for over 60 years, MT Plumbing is your premier choice for residential and commercial maintenance, remedial and construction plumbing work in Sydney’s Northern and Inner suburbs and up the Northern Beaches. 

MT Plumbing is also experienced in the delicate nature of plumbing and drainage for heritage listed buildings.



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MT Plumbing has ten fully equipped vehicles on the road at any one time, guaranteeing a 1 hour response to your emergency… day or night… every day of the year.

Using state of the art technology and equipment, MT Plumbing provides efficient, knowledgeable and professional service with a 100% labour guarantee on all our work.


When you contact MT Plumbing, your query is immediately assessed by MT Plumbing Operations. Our Operations Team are highly experienced and licensed plumbers themselves, so you are 100% assured an accurate and rapid assessment of your needs.

Your Operations Team Member then allocates your job via our Smart Trade database and our plumbing teams are briefed by Operations on each individual job.


Our 24/7 Emergency service is managed by a key senior staff member, who can quickly determine the plumber closest to you via our vehicle tracking system, to ensure the fastest possible response time to your plumbing or draining emergency.

If you have an emergency plumbing need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing.

Meet The Team

MT Plumbing Operations

Anthony Thacker

Managing Director

Anthony is our Working Director and a licensed plumber. Anthony served as an apprentice from 1986 and then continued working for the company as a licensed plumber. He and his wife Michelle took ownership of MT Plumbing in 2002. Anthony is involved in all facets of the business. 


scott bradley

General Manager

Scott is a licensed Plumber and head of the Operations Team and is involved in WHS, environmental management and quality management. His role is to receive completed job information and convert it into reports and invoices. Scott keeps the clients informed with work order updates.

peter panucci

Operations Team

Peter is a licensed Plumber and part of the operations team. His role is to assess and classify the jobs, then schedule them accordingly. He dispatches the plumbers each morning and throughout the day. Peter ensures the plumbers have all the information necessary to complete each job.

james carrington

Operations Team

Senior Plumber James is responsible for quoted work and also ably assists management when required. James works on site when extra hands are needed and when his expertise is required. He is a capable all-rounder involved in various facets of the business.


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