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Blocked drains are a common problem experienced at some stage in most homes and businesses. There are a number of reasons that drains will block and often the immediate symptom of the blockage is treated but not the underlying cause.

MT Plumbing offers complete drainage solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial situations.

Some signs you might have a blocked drain include:

All MT Plumbers have the skills, expertise and specialised, state of the art equipment to cover diagnostics, repair and maintenance.


The most common cause of blocked drains; tree roots can occupy an area 2 to 4 times the diameter of the crown of the tree. Particularly in the established suburbs of northern Sydney and beaches, blocked drains and sewers due to tree root ingression is a regular occurrence.

Tree roots are opportunistic and will seek air and moisture wherever it is. Just as tree roots seek air and moisture under a footpath and cause it to raise up, tree roots will seek air and moisture that is found along a pipe. Even when the pipe has no leakage, roots will be there because the pipe temperature is most likely different than the soil temperature and water vapour will condense along the pipe surface.

Traditional earthenware pipes were generally installed with a weak cement seal on the joints, which cracks and breaks away over time, creating a leak at the joints of the pipe. Air and nutrient rich water can then seep from the pipe, creating an ideal growing medium for tree roots.

Tree roots will penetrate any leakage point, fill the pipes with a root mass and eventually, exert enough pressure to spread the crack, increase the leakage and worsen the problem.

Often tree roots from several trees will disturb pipes in their quest for water, so removal of trees to alleviate future problems can prove problematic, if not impossible.

MT Plumbing has the cost effective solution to this problem.

Initially, the pipes will be cleared of roots and blockages with a hydro-pressure jetter and then treated with a root inhibitor to slow the growth of tree roots. The permanent solution is to replace earthen ware pipes with PVC Pipes. In many circumstances, MT Plumbing can offer our pipe relining service.


A collection of oils and fats used in cooking and food scraps that have been washed down the drain. Hair, body fats, oil, dirt and built up soap scum can also cause this type of blockage.


Personal hygiene products including flushable wipes, toilet bowl mounted deodorisers and children’s toys are the most common items found to cause blocked drains.


Crushed or broken pipes are not uncommon in established Sydney suburbs. Ground movement caused by external forces such as ground saturation due to heavy rain, vehicular traffic, recent excavation & ground compaction over time can lead to pipes being crushed or sheared off, causing blockages. Soil type too has some bearing on pipes.

In the instance of broken or crushed pipes, replacement of the pipe is appropriate. MT Plumbing is highly experienced in replacement of crushed and broken pipes, with the most minimum disruption possible.

Contact the experience team at MT Plumbing on (02) 9971 9738 to discuss how we can help you.