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Gas Fitting

If you are using gas in any form in your home or business, then you need the services of a licensed gas fitter.

MT Plumbing is fully certified and licensed for all gas fitting work and can ensure that all appliances and connections are safe to use and do not pose a danger to you.

In NSW there are a number of types of gas available to consumers:

Gas appliances are designed to only operate on one of these types of gas supply. It is very important that you know what type of gas supply is used in your home before you buy any gas appliance.

All gas appliances must be tested, certified and appropriately labelled before they can be sold and installed in NSW. Appliances are tested for compliance against certain criteria which include safety, combustion, efficiency, durability, and serviceability. Gas components such as controls, cocks, valves, regulators etc, must also be certified if they are to be incorporated into an appliance or used in an installation.


Always treat any gas leak as a potential lethal risk.

If you smell gas in your property:

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